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Hoje no Blog trago-vos algo diferente! Vamos viajar até Tomar pelos olhos do Marco e da Andreia do Blog Espreitar o Mundo, no âmbito do intercâmbio do Programa de Embaixadores da Momondo! Sendo este um desafio internacional de Embaixadores (participam também Embaixadores de Itália, Roménia e Suécia), o artigo de hoje está escrito em Inglês. Espero que gostem desta partilha de conhecimento entre Embaixadores da Momondo!

Vamos Viajar até Tomar? 

“Known for being the former headquarters of the Order of the Templars, Tomar is a beautiful, charming city with an inescapable artistic and cultural richness! Situated on the banks of the Nabão River, it is one of Portugal’s historic cities, where its greatest exponent is in the Convent of Christ, one of the most important Renaissance works. With so much to see and do, then we share with you what you should not miss while visiting Tomar:


Check in: 6€ | Sundays and holidays free until 14h. Built in the castle and built from the 12th century Charola, the Convent gave shelter to the Order of Christ from the 14th century. This colossal building holds memories of unavoidable figures from the history of Portugal such as those of Infante D. Henrique, who had two cloisters and his residence built;


Included in the visit to the Convent of Christ Built by master D. Gualdim Pais in 1160, similar to the castles of the Middle East, with defensive techniques that proved effective in battles against the Moors during the dynasty of D. Afonso Henriques;


Free entrance In lands that already belonged to the Templars arose with the Order of Christ, this walled forest, known as the Fence of the Convent, a space for gathering and cultivation, later supplied by the Philippine irrigation system. This park is the lung of the city and is the ideal place for a romantic or family outing;


The aqueduct was designed in the reign of Philip I by Pedro Fernandes Torres, who began the work in 1597 with the aim of routing the water from four different springs, located on the outskirts of the city, to the Convent of Christ. Its structure is similar to that of the Elvas and Évora aqueducts, has a length of six kilometers and is made up of 180 perfect loop arches which, in the Pegões Valley (the highest slope), are based on a set of 16 broken arches that They give you all their grandeur and beauty;


In this thirteenth-century Gothic church, built on a Benedictine monastery, resides the Templar soul since the dawn of the nation. It was the Pantheon of Knights, like Master D. Gualdim Pais, whose tombstone still stands today. In addition to the Templar signs, there is the rosette and the bell tower, former Roman watchtower;


Entering the square, you are in the heart of the city. Here are, face to face, the temporal power in the City Hall and the sacred power in the Church of St. John the Baptist (pictured), building that was erected half walls with the Corredoura (traditional shopping street), which presents a Gothic facade and an octagonal Manueline tower. In the center of the square, surrounded by respectable buildings, stands D. Gualdim Pais, Master Templar, founder of Tomar;


One of the best ways to learn the history surrounding each of the city’s monuments and their mysterious secrets is to take a Tuk Tuk tour. We did one of the many tours available on Tuk Lovers and it was a wonderful experience. Catarina, our driver / guide, was excellent and made us know what makes Tomar a unique and special place! Price: starting at 10 €;


There is no shortage of dining options in the city, but our choice turned to the Italian Restaurant – La Bella. We had more than one meal at La Bella and were quite pleased with the service and quality of the meal. For this reason we recommend it! It is well located, a few meters from the Republic Square in the historic city center;


Be sure to try the famous Tomarense convent sweets! The confectionery has the exclusive specialty of Tomar, the “Slices of Tomar”. In the various patisseries there are Sweet Chestnuts, Almond Cheeses, Sweets, Chila, Egg Yarns, and the provocative “Bed Cakes” and the “Kiss Me Hurry”. We chose Estrela de Tomar pastry to try the Almond Cheesecakes … they are delicious!”


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